Smart Lighting system

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Smart Lights
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Multi-purpose sensors

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We are ready to cover a large variety of Buildings & City Spaces lighting

Offices & Commercial buildings

Lighting in offices and commercial buildings has a profound effect on the well-being, productivity, and worker vitality. Effectively lit and attractive environments enhance your image, help you recruit and retain high-value employees, and increase the total value of your facility.

Restaurants, Malls, etc.

Helps owners to define an atmosphere, stand out from the crowd and achieve specific business outcomes. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, accent or ambient, aisle or endcap, warehouses or parking, or anywhere that light is needed; Ashian Lighting systems are personalized to best suit your business goals; and also grow and evolve as your requirements change.

Streets, Parks, public spaces

Beautifully designed and intelligently managed public lighting helps communities prosper by revitalizing neighborhoods, attracting visitors, and giving tourists and residents alike a feeling of security. A comprehensive lighting plan can differentiate a city, making it a valued destination while helping to achieve important sustainability and energy-reduction goals.

We bring our Ideas to Real World

We know how to bring Ideas to our products, they work prefect in real world.

Manage lights for your Comfort

Exact light at each time of day for your job doing in your office, house, mall or anywhere else helps you with better visual comfort. This would happen using smart lighting system that knows the application of room is using for, measures daylight, temperature and detects occupancy at each space to both provide highest level of standards of light and power saving.

Power and Cost Saving

"Smart solid-state lighting in office buildings and industrial installations has the potential to reduce energy costs by 90 percent; however, achieving these costs takes more than just installing light-emitting diode (LED) lighting. To successfully achieve the lowest electricity cost, in addition to achieving safety and security and enhancing the office environment, lighting product managers at technology and service providers will need to implement five key strategic phases of smart lighting: (1) LED lighting, (2) sensors and controls, (3) connectivity, (4) analytics and (5) intelligence." Dean Freeman, research vice president at Gartner.

Integrated Software, Web-Based UI

The software is watching over all spaces and manage lights of each room, hall ant etc. A web based user interface is accessible any place in or out of the building for authenticated users.  Managers could observe, store and analyze all details including occupancy, light levels, operations, etc.  and use them for better scheduling and  management.

The main design goal is to create an intuitive, comfortable, and productive environment for employees, customers and visiting people that could serve as inspiration for sustainable building designs around the world.


IoT & Lighting

There will be 34 billion devices connected to the internet by 2020 and Lights are a large amount of this things that going smart. Accessing each Light using an IPv6 address to read status and set brightness in a building to manage whole brightness in an exact point is the target of this Smart Lighting Systems.

We focus on our skills.

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Careful Design

Best in class engineering and management in design procedure for all products

Fully Customaziable

Each level of system can be customized for different applications

Secure & Reliable

High level of security implemented based on reliable world class standard communication

Easy Install & Use

Any customer can install and run products easily

Customer Applicaion

Applications for Android, iOS and Windows to take system on hand

Online Monitoring

Real-time Monitoring & Maintaining using web based interface. Save and Analyze data as you wish

Continuous Improvement

All users will receive firmware updates to improve the performance

Online Support

Long time online Support & Guarantee considered for all products